Fabric and Accessories

A key interest in the collection is the texture and combinations of fabrics. Using textured grosgrain fabric and smooth duchess satin, the collection illustrates both simplicity and depth. To achieve this combination of textures, the fabrics are bonded together, revealing a different facet with every twist and curve. Quality is not compromised in simplifying the range of colour and cloth of the garments as the bonding technique fuses these luxe fabrics creating a difference in appearance and feel.
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The original source of inspiration for the collection was based on the works of glass sculptor Colin Reid. Reid’s work has been described as “elegant, yet hard edged forms, exploring the fragility of nature” which reflects the concept of the collection well considering the ideas have deviated away from his work. There remain references to the sculptor’s work in terms of bold shapes encasing many textures and tonal details. Clear plastic belts, bags and cuffs are also used in reference to the glass theme. They add a modernism to the looks and although the designs are fairly waisted, the transparent partition does not break up the outfit.

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